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In case you haven't noticed we are now Greenlit! In 10 days no less! The team would like to take this opportunity to thank Valve for greenlighting us and the community for voting yes.

Over the next few weeks we will get Modular Combat ready for Steam. If you have any suggestions for Achievements, Trading Cards, Backgrounds and Emotes, please post them here.

Thank for your support,
Team ModCom
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We're now on Steam Greenlight and we need your help to get us Greenlit!

Vote YES at Steam Greenlight :: Modular Combat :beta:

By getting it on Steam, we can legally include all assets (HL2: Episode 2 & HL2DM). So even if you don't own those games, you'll be able to play Modular Combat the way it was meant to be played.

Also, we now have an official trailer:

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I should've posted this earlier but i forgot :X

The team is slowly growing with the new addition of Seth1466. He will be making maps for us.

Welcome, Seth1466!
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I bought more IPs so all the servers are using standard ports again (27015 & 27016). This should fix the issue where several people were unable to see more than 1 server.

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Version 3 of the fix now includes a fully automated installation system. It doesn't matter if your games are located in custom library paths, they will be found!

I also finally wrote the tutorial for the Non TF2 way of getting the fix to work. It's long and complicated though, you'll probably end up installing TF2 to use the automated fix.

Fix is here.
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I just spent the last 7 hours straight getting monsters to spawn on all the custom maps. I also added 6 new customs maps (+ 1 new stock HL2DM map)!

Here's the 7 new maps:
  • de_simpsons_css_v2
  • dm_bridge_b2 (Remember Frogger?)
  • dm_cannon
  • dm_sonic_mario_land
  • fy_simpsons_neighbours
  • halls3 (a new stock HL2DM map that added, i added monster spawns)
  • south_park_elementary_v1 (There's a drivable short bus!)

And all the other custom maps:
  • dm_big_traps_final
  • dm_district33
  • dm_gravey
  • dm_graveyard
  • dm_richland
  • dm_supermarioworld
  • dm_vault_v2
  • doom1
  • oblivion_ayleid_ruin
  • south_park_elementary_v1
  • world_of_warcraft
  • zm_mall_b2
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In order to reduce confusion, the Alien Swarm version will be using a slightly different name; Modular Combat 2.

The ModDB page for Modular Combat 2 can be found at here. We encourage you to enable "Track this mod" on the Modular Combat 2 page to keep up with the latest developments.

In addition the first 2 confirmed features of the Alien Swarm version have been released. You can find them on the Modular Combat 2 ModDB page.
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A few days ago i made a news post about what we were thinking of doing with Modular Combat. Well a decision has been reached and its a big one. We're actually going to be making two Modular Combats.

The first one will be built with the Alien Swarm SDK and it will have the following features:

  • Just PvP and PvM gamemodes (this might expand to the full list in the future).
  • AI Director: The BoSS will finally have a role in the game. Instead of monsters randomly spawning on the map, they will spawn according to how well or how bad the players are doing.
  • First person view (with the possibility of giving server hosts the ability to force top-down view on everyone with a server-side setting)
The timetable for the Alien Swarm version is unknown yet as development has just started. Once i have more information i'll make another news post.

The second one will be built with the Source SDK 2013 and will be started after the Alien Swarm version is released. Regardless, we will continue to support the Alien Swarm version even when the Source SDK 2013 version is released.

We are rebuilding the development team as well. If you or anyone you know has experience with any of the following skills, then we need you! (post a team application here)

Positions Needed:
  • Mechanics Programmer
  • Artist Programmer
  • Modeler
  • Animator
  • Texture Artist/Graphics
  • Audio Designer
  • Level Design (Mapping)
  • Beta Tester
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I've been on the development team for 2 years and i just recently took on the role of Project Manager. Since Modular Combat is entering a new era, i figured it should get a new website as well

In order to cut down expenses for Archer, i offered to host the Modular Combat forums on my website. Aside from the website itself, all Modular Combat players can use my Mumble voice server as well (see stickies in Off-Topic forum for info).

P.S. I scrambled to get the website up as fast as possible spending upwards of 10 hours a day for the past 3 days.